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Tasty Gift Idea and (another) Quinoa Recipe

Beautiful sunny weather in Manitoba today! A few people have said it must be so cold for us, recently returning from Ecuador, but its exactly the opposite. We are in the mountains and have spring-like weather year round, so this … Continue reading

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How to Sprout!

The Great Sprouting Project was a success! Mostly. Check these babies out: The idea is basically that sprouts are super nutritious and full of enzymes that can be easily digested. The store bought kind can have bacteria etc growing in … Continue reading

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How do I cook Quinoa?

It’s a common question. It’s really very easy to make a tasty and nutritious meal with quinoa. It makes an excellent alternative to rice with an added protein boost, 100 grams of uncooked quinoa offers up 14 grams of protein! … Continue reading

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