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Getting Healthy

My nicknames as a kid were “Tubby” and “Dustbin”, amongst others. Before you think these left me scarred for life with self esteem issues, I quite enjoy them. They were the names my grandpa had affectionately called my mum when she was little and round, and were passed along to me. I was the kid who loved chocolate pudding and food in general, and would finish everyone’s plates for them.

I played soccer and volleyball in school (badly), but was by no means the athletic kid. After high school I didn’t do much of anything energetic, and slowly put on more than 25 lbs. I didn’t like it, but wasn’t motivated enough to change.

The motivation slowly started to appear for a few reasons a short time ago.

I saw some photos of myself that I really didn’t like.

I realized I was turning 30. 30. Where did the time go!

Our 10 year anniversary was coming up, and, well, I had let myself go a bit.

I had ordered some new clothes I was really excited about, and, well, it seemed they weren’t going to fit. I was also finding myself tired all the time, and not very happy, though I couldn’t put my finger on the reason.

Mostly because of feeling tired and down, which really hit during the rainy season, I started forcing myself out the door for walks every day. I’ve never been good at staying in the house without going crazy, so it seemed the logical answer.

Once I had made those first steps, making other changes seemed easier too. I read about a celebrity (sorry, slightly embarrassing, not my usual source for inspiration!!!) who used a food journal to eat healthier, and thought that just might work for me too. So I began using an app for that, which proved to be huge in finding what worked for me. I could easily check my nutrient intake for the day, and see exactly what impact my poor food choices were having. Instead of eating badly all week (or month!) then thinking I should really do something about it, sometime, I had exact info on a daily basis and a new-found accountability every day.

On one of my walks the main streets of town were closed. I had no idea what was happening until I saw the first of the runners go by. Real runners! At this altitude. I was impressed. Running seemed like a good idea, but I had no idea where to start, it seemed way out of my lethargic league. Browsing one day, I came across Couch to 5k. Couch. Now that was speaking to me at my level!!! 5K in 9 weeks? I had to give it a try. Getting my butt off the couch those first few weeks was the hard part, the first 1.5 minute run I thought I might die! I absolutely loved the program though, as after just a few weeks I could see improvement, despite the lobster-red shiny face that gets a few odd looks after each run!

I am now in my 6th month (as of 06/11) of eating better and loving running. I am into the 10k program and now training for a half marathon. I have tons more energy and am cheerful! I have lost 15 lbs, which is a nice bonus, but more importantly I feel better. From here I am hoping to train for a race as promised to my lovely cousin who was sidelined with an injury while training for her first marathon. The plan is to continue a healthy diet and simple and happy life, keep on running, keep on discovering this wonderful place I am enjoying, and hopefully share the things I learn along the way.

If I can transform into a (wannabe) runner, well, there’s hope for anyone!


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  1. Amanda Read says:

    O.K. so i’ve been following this awesome blog since the beginning and figured that i better start commenting…i’m starting to feel a bit stalkerish. i just tried that awesome breakfast bake this morning….wow, that was amazingly tasty. I’ll definitely be having that goodness again. I really hope that we’ll have a chance to run (very slowly) together before you go back to your awesome life in Ecuador! Will be fun.

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