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  1. Jeff says:

    Per your e-mail. Just go online and you will find lots of exercises. Check out these videos too:

    I find that using it before and after my run helps tremendously.

  2. amanda read says:

    Hey there, i heard about your knees : ( i’ve been there, and it stinks! Hopefully some rest and light runs will do the trick. Have you done any strength training yet? Sometimes i find that helps a bit. I was noticing your enticing invitation for virtual running. i’ve never heard of this, sounds cool! I have really missed our summer runs, i can’t wait to get together again. Whether it’s you coming to visit or us coming to you….it’s gonna happen one day : ). ttyl xxoo

    • Jo says:

      Hi Amanda!
      Yep it seems like ITB issues. 🙁 Am doing some strength training and a rehab routine, do you have any suggestions? Its looking like we might be seeing you soon… can’t wait! Do you think we’ll have our summer crew again? Any takers on a marathon? 🙂 Talk to you soon!

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