I spent some years in the banking world (hey, no napping just yet!) keeping sane by volunteer teaching. In 2009, my husband and I decided to spend a year volunteering in Kenya. Finding out this was our real life along the journey, we sold everything and are continuing our unconventional life in South America.

Kenyan safari


Here I’ll be chronicling our adventures in Ecuador and all things good to be found. (Food!!) How I am journeying from an inactive regular office life to living a healthy, happy, and simple life in Ecuador. The adventures of moving across the world (again).  Travels and wonders we discover. Travel tips and life abroad. And of course, becoming a runner somewhere along the way!

It was here in the Andes I discovered a love for running, despite the altitude, and a fresher and healthier life.

I chose to find the world beyond my office walls, and in doing so hope to inspire others to take the leap, see the world, and enjoy the simple things.


Feel free to contact me at simplehappyhealthy{at}gmail.com!



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  1. Crystal says:

    Ok. So here’s the deal: Jo, is one of my best friends and has the cutest blog EVER! Anyone who reads this is really going to want to “stick it to the man!” by quitting their office job and moving to some foreign country…:) hey might as well go to Ecuador!-You already know all the tasty spots to hit! Keep the receipes coming babe!~Don’t think breakfast is supposed to taste this good 🙂

    Miss you

  2. vici cole says:

    so proud of u Jo xxxxx you’ve gone from being my ickle biddy cuz to this super cool, cultured, worldly wise & not forgetting fit chick!!! love you xxxxx keep up the blogging, makes me feel like i’m sitting with you having a chat xxx

  3. vici cole says:

    oh, & diggin the hat Isaac ;o)

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