Time for an update

I guess its time. Here we are again in Manitoba. I know, it’s a bit hard to keep track for me too!

We are back in Canada for a while again. We loved living in Ecuador but have hit a number of visa snaggles (Is that even a word? It just seemed to make the situation sound friendlier…) and had to head home. Things all happened rather quickly and so didn’t leave much time to write all about it. We wanted to savour our last days in the mountains with our friends and home we’d built there. Anyone thinking about traveling to Ecuador, go for it! Such a gorgeous place with lovely people. I’ll be back there. Don’t know when yet, but I’ll be back.

So back in Canada. I’ve already stirred up the old running crew from last year and we’ve had a couple of new people already so we’re off to a good start. There will be races in the future I’m sure. So nice to run with a fun group, time just flies by. Not used to running in minus 5 though! Must get some warmer running gear this week!

Am also busy sorting out work, hopefully that will come together shortly. We are enjoying seeing all our family and friends. Still on the list – sushi. Must have sushi.

So that’s the brief latest. Not sure what’s up next for us! You never know…

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2 Responses to Time for an update

  1. M-I-L says:

    Veggie sushi?

  2. M-I-L says:

    Hey Jo, is there really vegetarian sushi?

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