My favourite boots


No, no fancy high heeled boots. No shiny new leather ones. These ones.

I was with a friend the other day as we stopped by to visit a deaf man. He took a while to come to the gate and chat with us. He explained he had been busy repairing some shoes of his.

While they chatted I marvelled at his boots. They were well worn, yet still had many miles left on them. The left foot re-stitched, no doubt laboured over. On the right, the new bumper he added to replace a worn out toe. More stitching and care I couldn’t readily see.

I have to admit, it wouldn’t have crossed my mind to fix my own shoes. Maybe take them to a shoe repair place. But how often than not is our instant thought is to go out and drop money on some fancy new ones?

I appreciated his hard work, sewing through shoes is no easy task. I appreciated his valuing what he has, taking the best care of his things and making them last.

The opposite to what is often seen in our consumer driven culture. We’ve all heard Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And now the improved notion of Repurpose. Can we  add re-stitch, repair, renew? Can we waste less and make more of what we have?

I’ve been inspired to think greener in many different ways lately, more about that later as ideas bounce around and organize themselves.

What’s your idea for living simply or greener?

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4 Responses to My favourite boots

  1. aaaack I am such a waster. I need to think of this man for inspiration when I get caught up in my wasteful lifestyle! I really do try to be smart about using and reusing stuff, but to be honest, I need to be much more cognizant of it. Like do I really need 20 running shirts? NO.

    • Jo says:

      You’re totally right, I think trying to be more cognizant of how we live is key. It’s true though, running shirts are pretty irresistible! 😉

  2. Ellie says:

    how is that guy wearing brennan’s boots???? hahahaha

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