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CIMG2362One of the things we fell in love with during our year in Kenya was our simple life. We weren’t rushing between work, commitments, social activities. We weren’t spending hours in traffic anxiously wondering if we’d be late.  We didn’t have many material things, just what fit in our suitcases. And we didn’t need many. We didn’t have any trends to keep up with, didn’t need to think about getting a newer whatever, didn’t even know what the ‘latest’ was.

We were out everyday walking in the sun and fresh air, sometimes for hours. We spent time together and with friends, not needing any elaborate plans, just time together. We weren’t spending hours at work just to keep up. We were doing work we enjoyed, that really felt valuable. Those are some of the things we carried away with us, and are continuing to try and keep in front of us. Being aware of our lifestyle and how we wanted to spend our days. 3 words.


Simple. We try to live simply. More consciously. We rent. We don’t have a car. We walk a lot. We try to keep our wants and needs simple.  We stick to a small budget as best we can. It’s a bit of a different mindset that is much more common here. We brought a used iPod back for a friend recently. She was a bit confused about it being used. Why would someone get rid of a perfectly good iPod? I tried to explain that probably a newer one had come out, maybe the person wanted the latest iPhone. Or maybe they wanted a new big screen TV and wanted to sell the old gadgets to get something different. She was a bit bewildered, and explained things are different here. You save up for something you really want, and then once you have it you keep it and take good care of it. What a good idea!


Happy. Being content with what we have and choosing how we spend out time. Trying to make our time useful here and satisfying. Not measuring life by what we have or want to get, but by how we spend our days. Living life and having the time and energy to enjoy the small things, like family, friends, worthwhile things, volunteering our time, mountains, and clouds.


Healthy. Walking everywhere. Reducing stress. Being outside every day. Eating fresh locally grown food. Running all over town. Doing our best to have balance. Reducing chemicals and other harmful stuff. Doing what we can to live a healthier lifestyle ourselves and healthier for the planet.

Does everyone need to pack up and move across the planet to change the every day? Definitely not. It all starts with deciding how you want to live life. Making the changes, finding the inspiration to do it, keeping the goals in front of you, and taking the leap.


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    AMEN sista!!!!

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