9 Running things I Can’t Live Without

I’ve had a few questions on what I’ve found to be awesome running gear, so here’s a few things I love.

1.    Good shoes

I’ve said it before, don’t ignore this one!! The right shoes are essential for preventing injury and keeping lil toes happy and running.


I’m running in Nike Free Run 3.0 for shorter distances and Nike Lunarglide 3’s for longer runs. Should you? Not necessarily, go to a running store and have them analyze what type of shoe is best for you, very important! I love both of these shoes and partly chose Nike because I knew they are available here in Ecuador, so if I have to replace them in a pinch, I can get my hands on them, woo hoo!

2.    Garmin

How did I run before I met you?


I have the 205 and love it. It keeps track of my time, pace, laps, route, everything I could want. The only downside is that it shows me just how slow I am…


3.    Spibelt

This thing is awesome.


I’ve tried other options for ID/key/cash stashing, but this is by far the best. It’s a tiny belt with a stretchy pocket that fits everything you need for a run, even energy bars, smart phone, all the essentials. And best of all, doesn’t bounce! It also doubles as a sleek security belt if you need to carry a passport and cash while travelling. Score. And comes in all sorts of crazy colors. Highly recommended for travellers who hate the giant, uncomfortable money belts.

(I ordered mine online and searched for a coupon code – found 15% off and free shipping. Had to pass on the deals to you!)

4.    Ipod

Just a cheapo I bought on eBay.


Love good music while I run. If this one dies of gets lost or stolen, no big deal.

5. Handheld water bottle


This is a lifesaver on hot days and long runs. The handle makes it easy to hang on to, and has a very useful pocket for snacks etc.  (On sale at MEC at the moment.)

6. Wicking clothing


Each company has their own line of wicking clothing and so worth it in keeping you comfortable! Anything cotton tends to feel soggy and gross after a few miles. Wicking socks are very important to avoid nasty blisters. Plus these ones remind me of my summer running buddies Dan and Fi every time I put them on. Smile

7. Splax.

Because no one likes chafing.


This stuff is mostly organic and is an easy to apply anti-chafing balm. On long runs, if something can chafe, it will. I use this stuff on my ribcage and am so glad to have it!

8. Foam Roller

Because my massage therapist sisters are too far away. Sad smile


This thing is awesome for massaging sore muscles and keeping them in marathon shape. Trust me, it will be your new best friend.

9. A Good Sports Bra.

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. This is essential for running happy! I’ve tried a few, and no, there is no photo on this one. But so far Champion Jog bras have been the most comfy.

So that’s my list of absolute faves. None of these are sponsoring me or compensating me in any way, (sigh), these are just what I have found to be awesome. Do you need them all to start running? Definitely not, except for the good shoes, and girls, the good sports bra. A couple of pieces of wicking clothing would help you run comfortably. And these goodies, well they’ll just help you run happy.

What running or exercising gear do you love? Have I missed anything good?

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3 Responses to 9 Running things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Ellie says:

    no photo…how come???? 🙂

  2. Ellie says:

    i love reading your posts, even if i’ve never run further than down the driveway!

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