Lagunas de Mojanda


Recently we took a day with the parents to go exploring. We were headed to a waterfall but took a different route, and ended up at the beautiful Lagunas de Mojanda.

From Otavalo a taxi will cost around $15. We started with a taxi but decided to do some walking, until a super nice couple told us to hop in the back of their truck.


I do love a back of the truck ride! The scenery was gorgeous along the way.


(If you look really hard dad, its a Landy on the road there…)

We were definitely glad of the truck ride, its a pretty far ride uphill! But well worth it to enjoy the gorgeous lakes.

IMG_1287 IMG_1284

IMG_1300 IMG_1290

It was a bit chilly, I’d definitely take a sweater next time!



We went on a Sunday afternoon and there were a few food stalls set up, I’d suggest packing a picnic! There were a number of families there for the afternoon, that’s one of the things I love here, local families seem to spend lots of time together and enjoy the parks and natural beauty.

So come visit and we’ll take you to the lakes!

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2 Responses to Lagunas de Mojanda

  1. Dana Williams says:

    My wife and I will be exploring Ecuador for 3 months this year between June and September as a place to live permanently. We will be looking for an apt/small house to rent in the $300/month range…with shower/stove/heat/hot water…I assume we can find some used chairs/table/bed in areas we are researching. Otavalo is where we will start (and stay while exploring). How do you feel about the safety…climate…people…transportation(we will be doing some “side trips” exploring other possibilities of living locations) in the Otovalo area?…Thank you for the time to answer this…and may meet you then!…Dana and Maria

    • Jo says:

      I hope you have a great trip here! There are definitely apartments and houses available in that price range. There are not many places to buy used furnishings, but it can be done. We love Otavalo, the climate is perfect, you can have all seasons in one day. Hot in the morning, maybe some clouds or rain in the afternoon, and cool at night. The transportation is great, buses run on schedule all over for about $0.25 in town and taxis are safe and cheap. You can get buses for your side trips from the Terminal Terrestre, some going to Quito first. The people are really friendly and helpful and are patient with our broken Spanish. We feel safe here, I walk and run through most areas of town alone. As with anywhere these days, do be safety conscious. I recommend a cross body bag, not carrying much cash, always being aware of your surroundings, not looking too much like a tourist, be especially conscious of your possessions on buses.
      Let me know if you have more questions or would like specific info, I’ll do my best! Hope to see you here soon.

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