Off to Guayaquil!

We’re headed towards the coast today! We’re off to Guayaquil for a 3 day Ecuadorian Sign Language convention, really looking forward to it!

My mom woke up to snow this morning and we’re headed to 28 degrees. Yippee! We are flying down from Quito. There are 2 options really, a 10-ish hour bus ride for about $12 each way or a 40 minute flight. We found a great deal on so we are flying return for $48. Not bad at all! Plus I think there’s a place with really good chocolate cake in the airport…

Anyway, will try and take tons of photos. We will be exploring the city Thursday and then out it in the evenings, so hope to see some cool places! Then flying back Monday night.

In the mean time I’ve been taking random photos lately, so here’s a few.

Otavalo and Mount Imbabura

Anyone know what these are called?




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  1. Ellie says:

    patiently waiting for your next post!!!! love em, keep em coming!!! xxx

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