She’s all grown up…


My lil Patty is a beautiful bride today.

As she tells it, we used to be best friends. Since she was 7 and I was 6.  And today is her big day, so I’m sending her hugs and love from far away.


We’ve known each other for so long and grown up together. Gone through a (very) long awkward stage together. (Wish I had pics here. Even one of my grandmas wouldn’t hang up my school photo one year…). She’s the friend you can have over and not have to do anything special, just talk. The one who taught you how to backcomb your hair. The one who you call the night before her wedding and she thinks to ask how your sick family member is. The one who supports your crazy moves across country, or across world, and always plans to come visit you.

I’m sure she looks gorgeous and can’t wait to see pics. She is the best friend a girl could ask for to grow up with, who could’ve done so many things and yet chose the best path. Is always herself and hilarious. Tells you too eat more fruit. Always recycles. And makes sure you do too.

It’s really the huge downside of living far away and very simply – there are times you just can’t be there. Which has made me sad all day, but happy for Patty and Mike and wishing them all the happinesses.

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