Wok Bistro

This week the girls and I took a loooonnnngggg walk to visit a friend for the morning, and headed back to town starving. We had Salinerito in mind for yummy sandwiches, until we saw the Menu del Dia at Wok Bistro.


This restaurant is unlike any other I’ve seen in Otavalo. It serves dishes from different countries, including sushi and curry, and has vibrant and sleek decor. I’d been here once before, and finding that everything on the menu had meat, asked for a vegetarian dish. The chef whipped me up an awesome stir fry ~ so nice of them!

                 IMG_1152 IMG_1156

Today though, we had to try the daily menu. It’s usually the best value at restaurants for lunch around here, including juice, soup, main course, and dessert, yay!

Today’s menu:

                              IMG_1154  IMG_1155

  • Fresh orange juice
  • Cream of carrot soup (with yuca strips)


  • Stir fry (requested without beef), rice, and patacones


  • Chocolate cake (obviously what caught my eye on the sign outside!)

We all really enjoyed our food, great value for $3! The everyday menu is a little more.


Yes, I took a picture of the menu in the window! Sometimes one has to improvise! Definitely worth checking out in Otavalo! It’s easy to find on the corner of Roca and Quiroga, and bonus… there’s an ice cream place next door…

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