Room for friends!

There’s been some exciting stuff going on around here! Noisy, dusty stuff.

So in the past year we’ve been so happy to have lots of friends and family visit us. Let’s see if I can get them in the right order… First we had the K’s and took them to see the volcanic lakes at Cuicocha…


And then our parents visiting, as well as D and E, to take to the waterfalls at Peguche..

                        IMG_0242     IMG_0241

Where I found these cool berries… off topic but yummy… what can I say food distracts me!


And then of course Peter, who will find you anywhere you might move to… and the K’s, who liked it so much they came back and stayed…


Then there were CP and JP who have family here…


And then Ruthie and Adrian…


And then our parents came back and stayed. (we’re noticing a pattern here… Winking smile )

And then we went home and lots of friends promised to visit us… you know who you are!!! We’re waiting!

And soon mum and pops are coming.


But good news… we now have a spare room for you! Yippee!!! Will post photos shortly! So any of you thinking of coming but not relishing the thought of our couch now have a room of your own! See you here soon… bookings first come first serve! Winking smile

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