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This week we hit the pavement to help some friends new to Otavalo find a new home. How awesome is the place above?  Lots of fruit trees, flowers, and doggies on the property… more photos in a sec.

By far the best way here to find a place to rent is: 1) paying attention to “for rent” signs in store windows along the main streets and 2) asking everyone you can think of if they know of anywhere.


Most signs don’t provide any info such as location, cost etc., so quite a bit of calling and follow up is needed. In the center of town cost is considerably higher than on the outskirts. Most places we saw around the Plaza de Ponchos were $150 a month or more, further out we found a few smaller places for as low as $75 a month. These would all be unfurnished (usually with no fridge or stove), expect to pay quite a bit more and search a lot harder for furnished. There are some really nice large houses a little out of town and in Cotacachi  that run around $350+ a month for furnished places with a gorgeous view. Of course there is everything in between, just takes some pavement pounding!

So helpful info over, as promised more pics:

IMG_1121 IMG_1122

Naranjilla and Babaco fruit


Pretty gardens

IMG_1137IMG_1132 IMG_1133IMG_1134

Super cute lil guys


Such a nice corner of Otavalo we got to discover! Plus, our friends found somewhere that will work well for them, so we shall have new friends here soon, Yippee!!

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8 Responses to Apartment Search: Otavalo

  1. michael and Ingrid Skalsky says:

    Looking for a place to rent in Otavalo or Cotocatachie. Any help would be great. Thanks

  2. michael and Ingrid Skalsky says:

    We are looking for Rental with furniture included. thanks

  3. sielya says:

    Would anyone know of a place for rent for a family of five (3daughters)? We need a place starting Jan. 16 for at least two weeks maybe 3 months if we like the area.

    Even if we could find a cheep, clean place for a week then find a place when we get there?

    any suggestions would be great.

  4. Michael Ashby says:

    I am thinking of relocating to Otavalo I am looking for a furnished 1 bedroom apartment that rents for 400,00 or less per months with a 6 months lease

    • Michael Ashby says:

      I am thinking of relocating to Otavalo I am looking for a furnished1 bedroom apartment that rents for 400,00 or less per month with a 6 month lease

      • Jo says:

        Hi Micheal, While I am not in Otavalo at the moment I am checking with some of my contacts what is available. I also have a friend who helps with getting set up locally, interpreting etc if you are interested in that. Let me know if you have other questions!

  5. Pilar Lindo says:

    Hi, I am sorry to write to you like this but I just thought I could ask you for a favour. My family and I are planning to move to Otavalo in a month, I applied for a professional visa and I am going to work as a teacher for a ONG that has an institution for teenagers of indigenous communities up in the Otavalian mountains. We would like to live in a farm aorund Otavalo since we have always lived in farms, but it has been really difficult to find a place for us to be for a couple of months while we find a more permanent house to move in, especially because we are not in Ecuador yet. Do you know anybody who owns a house we could rent for around US400 or less? or do you know any local who could help us look for a place like that? I speak Spanish so I could just call somebody and explain… Or is there any real estate office in Otavalo? Thank you very much for your help and have a good day.

  6. Beth Hayes says:

    I have lived in Quito for almost 3 years. Looking for a house to rent in Otavalo. Know of anything?

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