Morning or evening?

Finally, I did it. Got up and got my run in early (well, for me!) before anything else.

L O V E D  I T.

I’ve been missing out! The weather was perfect, sunny and cool. Gorgeous scenery as the clouds slowly unravelled around the mountains and volcanoes. Streets quiet. 7 miles.

It took a whole week of telling myself I really had to get up early and run, and some serious self lecturing. I laid out all my clothes, iPod, shoes, etc. Set the alarm. Set a second alarm. Told myself no excuses!

For the rest of the day, no stress about when to fit in a run, whether I’d be home in time, no looming run to get in once I was already tired. With long runs now taking one and a half hours and increasing (plus stretching and showering time), and darkness here at 6:30 pm,  it was starting to get tricky to fit everything in. Not that I feel the world will end if I miss a run, but considering how great it is health-wise, and how much better I feel running 3-4 times a week, it’s not something I’m willing to give least priority to anymore.

Then home and out the door today at 9 (after a shower and change of course!), and time to do everything else in the day. Energy all day and feeling so much better.

The most amazing part – everyone seemed so much nicer all day.  Winking smile  Which of course means… it’s me. I’m so not a morning person, but today was wide awake, happy, and patient by the time I was out meeting people. I’m sure you’re all wishing I’d done this years ago! Retroactive apologies to everyone who has had to spend time with me in the a.m. over the years…

One simple change and a huge healthy difference!

What works best for you to exercise? Morning or evening? Any tips for getting up and going?

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2 Responses to Morning or evening?

  1. Ellie says:

    o my freaking goodness, u start cooking with quinoa, get all healthy, discover the secret to being nice in the morning……. WHY NOW when you live flippin countries away????????? WHY????????? : )

  2. Ellie says:

    by the way….eggplant….ooooooooooo yes!!!!!!!! yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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