Half Marathon Training!

It’s time for a running update! Yippee!  So here’s the plans and story so far:


February –June 2012 Marathon training (Photo courtesy of Amanda)

Aka big future plan hopefully with the running crew! (see above Winking smile )

I have found I need a progressive plan to keep me getting off the couch and lacing up my shoes. I had started running unknowingly around the same time as lil Vickles, my lovely cousin. She had set the goal of a marathon (which hopefully we will run together one day!). This was, well, not something really done in our family! That was really inspiring, why not set a huge goal just for fun and work for it? So I credit her with inspiring me to think big! (Hugs and cheers to Vici)

I have a race in mind… but it depends a touch on which continent I can be found on… will be sending all potential running buddies a training plan and persuasive email in future…



September – November 2011 Half marathon training

When we recently got back to Ecuador, my running schedule was off and the change from an altitude of 60 feet to 8335 ft. really kicked my butt (again).  It was also a bit tricky to be without the support of a group, especially over long distances. Having a regular run date and time with friends is sorely missed!

This second go with half marathon training plan is without a race in mind, basically increasing weekly mileage and getting in some solid training. I love having a plan to follow, and really just love to run. I keep reading about the need for strength training… eeek. Really have to get working there!

Am back to a good running schedule now though that will carry me into November – that’s right, prefect running weather year round.




June – August 2011 Half marathon training

My first half training plan went well, mostly due to these guys for being the best running buddies ever:


(Photo courtesy of Amanda)

While we were in Canada my lovely fit friends were kind enough to run with me and follow the training plan. We planned a grand finale of a 14 k trail race, which alas ended up being cancelled. So we did what any good group of runners would do, we ran it that day anyway.  Above is the after photo, me of course still a nice tomato red.


April – May 2011 Bridge to 10k

I figured I needed to keep seeing improvements and have a set plan in order to stick with it this new running thing, so the B210k, building up from 5k was a huge help. It moved along a touch fast for me, but the option to repeat a week or day was always there.


January – March 2011 Couch to 5k

January of 2011 was my absolute start in running – literally couch was my level!!! The C25K app I used had a journal option which is so fun to look back on! I can still feel my pain as I wrote that the 90 seconds of running, 2 minutes. of walking, then 2 minutes. of running for a 20 min period was a torturous struggle. But I kept it up, which was a real challenge for me. The journaling option and progressive plan was awesome, easy to see progress and results, which kept me heading out the door. I’d highly recommend it!

Prior to that, I guess truthfully there was one race I entered. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Plus I raised some money for charity.  I guess running and volunteering are things I’ve liked for a while!

Here it is:

funrun (1)

How awesome is that? A few years later I still end up a lovely red with messy mop hair! Don’t think I’ll finish my next race with a 7up and bunny sweater though. You never know.

So that’s the story so far and the plan.

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  1. Ellie says:

    LOVE that bunny jumper…..hey didn’t we have matching ones??? wonder if i still have it……….

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