New House New Rule

To fully appreciate the new space where all the cooking attempts go down around here, one needs to have a full appreciation of the old space. Or lack thereof.


3’ x 3’. Where is the stove you ask? A cooktop squeezed behind the water filter. Where is the counter? Under said cooktop and water filter.

It did have 2 claims to fame though that you’ll all be thoroughly jealous of… I could touch all 3 walls at once. Standing on one leg. Really, who else can say that about their kitchen? Winking smile I dare you to try it…

There was also the handiness of being able to stand in the middle and rotate, or cook with one hand while doing dishes with the other. (It’s not like we could both fit in there at once!) Again, who else has that option? Smile

So that was my first kitchen here, and I actually quite enjoyed it!

But am now enjoying a bit more luxury…


A wee bit more counter and cupboard space and a great eating space that doubles as way more counter space:


And as you can see, a nice spot for Isaac’s pro dishwashing skills while I cook, yay! The other cool thing is the giant windows into the living room… so if one is so inclined they could watch TV while doing said dishes…

And a great spot along the window for our treasures:


Excuse the less than gleaming window, but treasures from Kenya, a reed llama from Ecuador, carved elephants from Tibet (Dad might correct me on that one.. could be Nepal…), woven pot from Rwanda, and woven lil bag from Guyana. Our friends get around! It’s a bit of a multicultural house and glad to be.


Not to be forgotten is the fabulous Ecuadorian wall hanging brightening up the entryway near the ledge of treasures. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit we never got anything hung on the walls in the old apartment… in an entire year. So one decorative ledge and wall hanging is a huge step for being here 3 weeks! Although I may move the wall hanging, and leave you intrigued as to why for now. I know you’re on the edge of your seats.

So, have been enjoying lots of cooking in the new place, most things have turned out well! I found an awesome recipe for a microwaveable choco mug cake. So awesome it included protein powder. So awesome I thought, hey why not increase the protein powder and skip the flour?

So not awesome.



The fact that it was trying to climb out of the mug and swallow things whole should have alerted me that maybe it was gross. The fact that the only descriptive word for it was gunge should have warned me.

But no, I ate it. And it was gross.

Hence, new rule: If it’s gross, don’t eat it. Revolutionary, right?

Even if it contains the last smidge of chocolate in the house.


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