Vegan Musings

30 Days of Vegan has come and gone already, can you believe it?

Quite a few things I discovered along the way…

  • Eating Vegan feels awesome! I felt great and loved discovering new ways to make interesting meals
  • Eating out at regular restaurants can be tricky, be prepared to make lots of changes to menu item to fit your needs
  • An awesome way to shake up your diet is to challenge yourself to 30 days. Its not a huge commitment and gives time to see if its a sustainable way to eat for you, if you enjoy it, and how you feel.

I still had tons of energy to run, and my running continued to improve while eating no meat or animal products. I ran 10k on Monday for the first time, woo hoo!!!

So, will I stick with it? I confess having a slice of pizza yesterday. And? Blah. Very blah. Didn’t enjoy it. I was much more interested in the salad and quinoa on the side. I have been feeling great and eating really well.  So for me, I choose to stick with it. That being said, it will be on a most-of-the-time basis. If we are invited for supper or out with people and there really is no option, I might allow some dairy, but not when there is another choice. Or if its Catherine’s homemade pizza that I haven’t had since Rwanda…  (Yes, its THAT good.)

We have been having fun with friends and getting everything done that we needed to.  The running group has been going strong, loving it. My long run was in the city by myself, so cranking the iPod and picking out a scenic route really helped. Assiniboine park is so pretty to run through! The 10k I was dreading was so enjoyable (who am I?!) I could’ve kept going.

So that’s where its at. Have you thought of eating vegan or changing things up? Any thoughts?

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