6 things I miss about Ecuador

We made a sudden trip back to Canada to deal with a couple of things that came up, and thought we’d be back for a month or so. A month is turning into just over 2 and we are getting antsy to be back. Our lists of things to do and people to see is getting all checked off, and we are missing our life back in the Andes!

Here’s a few of the main things…

1. Good friends and good food.


Have I professed my love for Taco Bello in Otavalo before? Seriously yummy Mexican food at awesome prices. The owner is super friendly and whips me up a veggie burrito that I then drown in hot sauce and guacamole. Am getting hungry already. I am pretty sure KK and I will get there in the first few hours of me being back… Sound good KK?

2. Our students and sign language crew

We were really sad to leave in such a hurry but everyone understood, and we promised to be back! We hear our students are still asking when we will be back so they haven’t forgotten us. Hopefully we won’t have reverted back to ASL too much in the last couple of months! It will be awesome to be back to busy supporting Ecuadorian Sign Language.

3. Our lil house and pup


Isn’t she adorable? Ok, so she’s not really ours but she loves to come in for cuddles when its pouring outside! It will be nice to be in our house too, looking out at the lemon trees… avocado trees… volcanoes…

4. Awesome weather – year-round!

It’s been scorching here (by our standards!), 36 degrees, feels like 45 with humidity a few days… Yikes! And yep, we have kept all our running dates! Looking forward to the spring-like 22 degree hilly runs. Nice sunny days with a bit of rain, every day. Awesome.

5. Gorgeous scenery


Manitoba is said to have its own beauty, and I agree. But checking whether the volcanoes have a touch of snow on them every morning while wandering the Andes… Pretty awesome. Mountains all round… Yep, I definitely think if everyone came for a few days most would stay!

6. The Market


Not the famous artisan one, the fruit and veggie one. Going and choosing from rows of fresh, locally grown produce and other goodies to turn into delicious healthy dishes has to be one of my favourite pastimes.  Farmers markets seem a bit on the rare side here, in Otavalo we have the luxury every day and super affordable.  (Sorry, pic is of a shop selling all the market goodies… don’t have all my pics with me here. Will do a full market post as soon as I can.)

So as you can see, we are in love with Ecuador and will be really happy to be back. In the beginning days of this little online corner the plan was to share the delights and recipes of Ecuador until the surprise trip set me back a little. The plan hasn’t changed, just taken a small detour. Thanks for your patience though! Will be back with a post on my must-take-back essentials.

As always, let me know any thoughts/requests/ideas/comments!

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4 Responses to 6 things I miss about Ecuador

  1. vici cole says:

    Hey there my beautiful cousin xxx hope you guys have safe journey home 🙂
    Looking forward to all your new updates from Ecuador! Congrats on the 10k – very proud of you – how were your legs the next day, ok?? x I am moving house at the mo so in a bit of but will check back in a couple of weeks when i’m all unpacked & have sorted out a phone line & broadband (it’s a bit of a budget move so everything will be taking it’s sweet time!)
    Thinking of you & sending happy hippy love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Jo says:

      All safe and sound! Hope the new place is awesome, send pics! Big hugs to you and the lil one. Still holding you to a marathon someday soon….. 😉

  2. Amy Baker says:

    I sponsor a child in Ecuador who is deaf or very hard of hearing and I am trying to find Ecuadorian Sign Language materials to delivery to this child. The school project he attends may not have the resources or knowledge of sign language and I want to provide something for him, his school, his mom, and possibly the community.

    So far, I have ASL DVDs which may not be the most appropriate materials to give him. I need help as to how I can obtain Ecuadorian Sign Language materials. For I am having a difficult time finding any resources online.

    Thank you.
    Amy Baker

    • Jo says:

      Hi Amy,
      Thanks for your question. I have a few ideas and am going to consult with deaf friends to see what other resources they might know of. I’ll email you in the next few days.
      Have a great day!

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