My downtown favourite

Before getting prettied up this afternoon we hit up my favourite downtown summer lunch spot.


The Lineup, in the Exchange.  Lots of shady trees to sit under and people watch, never mind the awesome food. Love  love it! I knew there would be something amazing I could eat there and of course had to have my favourite!


The falafel pita. Stuffed with peppers, onion, mushroom, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, olives, hot peppers, pineapple, and of course hummus. That’s only half of it there, and you can bet I found room for the whole thing!! Super good with the curry mayo and feta too.


Mum had the Oriental salad with chicken and really enjoyed it. They also have fabulous noodles in a box, deep dish pizza, fish and chips and more. My fave thing is the dinner and a movie option, dinner and a movie ticket for $10.95 ish. Awesome! This time I noticed they also had dinner and a ball game options which looked like a great way to spend a summer evening to me!

After that we had to head to the salon. Before:




Let’s hope I can figure out how to copy the wavy look! Not exactly a pro with this things… this would be my first day in a year with some style to my hair! And of course mum looks fabulously cute:


My hairdresser asked if I`d been keeping up on the trends… um… no. Not exactly. Unless the clearance dept. of MEC is now so totally this season. I`m more likely to be sporting a ponytail and sunhat combo in Ecuador than anything remotely stylish! Along with a very un pretty useful bag that is not even related to a cute purse, and clunky super comfy flats that keep my feet happy for miles. But apparently long waves are `very now` and a center part is the way to go. Who knew! Definitely not me!! So there you go. Stylish hair tips here at Simple Happy Healthy. Expect the next instalment in about a year when I visit Gerald again!

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