Happy 1 Year!!!

… to these two cutie pies…


Aren’t they adorable??

And when they get home this will be waiting for them as a surprise…


The green fringy hammock for 2. Ecuador has the coolest stuff! I had to put a huge note on it though as I only hung it with string… demo mode only! Shhh don’t tell them…  Winking smile


Best salad ever today, check this out:



Left over salad greens with tomato and onion, then

  • nutritional yeast (adds B12, protein and fiber)
  • herbed pita chips
  • sundried tomato
  • soynuts  (adds protein, folate, and vitamin k)
  • sprouted mung beans (adds protein and tons of other good stuff, google it!)
  • hot peppers
  • hummus (more protein from the chickpeas)

Quite the power salad, much needed for the afternoon 5k run with Amanda, Fi, and Phil. Have you guys tried Nuun by the way? It’s an awesome tasting electrolyte replacement drink without the sugar and calorie of most sport drinks. I totally love it! It comes in a tablet you throw in your water bottle, super easy to carry with you on a run. I found it here at MEC and took it to Kenya with me, then restocked last week. Love it. 6k with them again tomorrow, woo hoo!!! LOVE having running buddies!!!

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