Checking off the list!

Great news… my list of Must-Do-In-Manitoba is getting done!!

Here was the original list:

  • Visit family and friends partially accomplished!
  • Stock up on health foods hard to get in Ecuador
  • Go for all you can eat sushi
  • Enter a race
  • Get the aforementioned paper work headaches (more like immobilizing migraines) sorted out   making progress!
  • Keep the healthy eating going strong Its going well!!

Obviously a few things are a work in progress, but we had a great weekend checking off #1, visiting all our ASL friends and crashing Jim’s retirement party, congrats Jim!! We stayed with our good friends Crystal and Adam, aren’t they cute!!!

And as you can see, crossed off number 3 on the list! Yuuuuummmmmmm.

Obviously from the icky fishy tails not my plate, fear not, I ate as many veggie rolls and edamame as could be stuffed into me! It`s this great place on McPhillips in Winnipeg, I think called Magic Sushi, that doesn`t seem from the outside too remarkable but has really good all-you-can-eat sushi for $10.95. There may have to be a repeat visit in the near future…

Tons of fun with Crystal and Adam. I`m always having to tell them to be less serious and lighten up…

And to not be so quiet and reserved. Do something funny already…  😉 Or it might be the other way around…

Jackie popped back in for dinner on her epic Canada journey from Toronto to Vancouver, lovely to see her again!!!

Jackie and Mum

We went to a steakhouse. Believe it or not a vegan can survive there. And added bonus, Isaac gets 2 steaks and I get his veggies. Match made in heaven! Check out Jackie`s Geocaching projects here . Very cool stuff, there`s even treasures to be found around here and in Bird`s Hill Park.

I also got to go on my first group run, 3 cheers for Dan, Fi, and Amanda!! We ran 6k together, and wow so much more fun with friends!! Time just flew by. Here we are a bit sweaty after, minus Dan:

Amanda`s dad might join us too, so if you see a pack running in Selkirk, its probably us, come join in! Still working on my dad to join. We have plans for next week made, so hopefully we will keep on going! I haven`t actually entered a race yet, not sure when we will be travelling and need to check the race schedules again.

Number 2 on the list is pretty much done too… Hard to believe I hadn`t found Agave Nectar in Ecuador when the plant is everywhere… I think it must be hiding from me. I stocked up on a few things…

Agave nectar, hemp seeds, cranberries, and Nuun. Yum. I also found soynuts, Nutritional Yeast, Dates, and a buncho other stuff I might poke in the suitcase crannies.

On the paperwork front, getting things done, but wont bore you with the details because, well, its thoroughly boring. But the list is getting done, woo hoo! Just waiting for a few more friends to be home for the summer to see and a bit more paperwork to finish up.

By the way, anyone know what running store is good in Winnipeg? I went to my beloved MEC for something that was out of stock, so tried a huge sport chain of lame that was a bit useless. Any ideas???


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