30 Day Challenge

Seems like we’ve been on vacation this week! After spending time with my sisters, family and friends, today is the day for new projects. As you know, I’ve been making over my cooking and eating habits to be much healthier, and getting out and being much more active. I’ve found some great resources you’re going to love.

First of all though… my 30 Day Challenge… is to be Vegan. I’ve been veggie for hmm… 25 years (I’m a young looking 100 really…) but to be honest haven’t paid a ton of attention to nutrition, and have some less than healthy habits. I’m really not a dairy fan so its not the biggest change for me, except for my one true love in this world (besides Isaac)… Chocolate. Me and chocolate have been BFFs for a long time, but it’s time we took a break. It’s not you chocolate, its me. Besides, just have to find me some of the yummy vegan kind. Will I survive? I hope so!

So why eat vegan? Well, as I mentioned, I don’t eat much dairy. With the goal to eat vegan, I find I need to plan ahead better, prepare food from scratch without additives or preservatives, and am more likely to reach for fruits and whole foods, which is my long term goal. Get rid of the last of the snack foods that are so easy to grab and focus on real foods.

I also don’t believe I need dairy, in fact most of it makes me feel sick anyway, so I think my body is more than happy to enjoy a plant based diet. I’ll be posting recipes as I go, and you may have noticed, I think pretty much all of the ones you’ve seen so far are vegan! I don’t necessarily label them as such though, as I hope people try them out and find out how tasty they are without any preconceived ideas of how vegan food may taste.

I’ve been reading Thrive, by Brendan Brazier, which is fantastic by the way. This guy is a Canadian Professional Vegan Ironman Triathlete. I was so excited to find a guide to vegan eating especially with regard to athletes (one day folks, one day). His book has awesome recipes for all-natural sports drinks, energy bars, and of course all sorts of meals and treats. I’ll post a full review in the near future once I’ve tried a few more recipes. Anyway, if you’re looking to be inspired, go right now and get yourself this book, seriously.

Another amazing resource is No Meat Athlete. Everything you ever wanted to know about distance running while veggie is there and more. Get on over there and check it out, then let me know what day you want to go for a run! Matt just released his Half Marathon Roadmap which couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Why you ask? Well I’ve been wanting to run a race while I’m home just for the fun of it and motivation to improve. There is a whole line up of trail races not too far from home that I want to sign up for, so I’m putting the Half Marathon Roadmap training into action. I’m not sure that I’ll still be here for the actual Half, but if so I’ll be out there! Along the way theres a 6k and 14k that my plan will line up nicely with, so let’s see! And bonus, if you head over to No Meat Athlete and buy the book through tomorrow, there’s tons of extra goodies and recipes included. Hurry on over there!

So thats what I’ll be working on now, I’ll keep you posted on my vegan adventures and half marathon training! How cool does that sound for a previously very un-runnerish me!


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5 Responses to 30 Day Challenge

  1. vici cole says:

    hmmmmmm . . . have been toying with the vegan thing for a while now but I have a major problem with time & extreme laziness hahaha . . . . will try & find ‘Thrive’ on amazon & c if u can convince me ickle cuz xxxxx super proud of you though!!!! (have u convinced Ell’s??) I have been having a massive break from running to give my shin splints time to get lost!! But . . . ordered some new trainers yesterday & some proper orthopedic insoles . . . . will be getting back on the road at the weekend . . . . I’ve got some serious catching up to do!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx Looooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee yooooooouuuuuu!!
    Oh . . . & ur gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE ZUMBA!!!!!!!! Julie (my sis-in-law) is now a trained instructor!!! How crazy is that!! She lives & breathes it now & has a body to die for!!! It’s all in the hips!!! :o)

    • Jo says:

      Oooh am so excited!!! I’m loving vegan… Thrive is awesome, definitely recommend it! So happy you will be running again soon and will think of you when I’m shaking it if we can get into the zumba class! Big hugs!

  2. vici cole says:

    I found it!!! well, the one published a year later called “Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training Program for Maximum Strength, Health, and Fitness” !! It will be delivered by 1pm tomoz, so i’ll be busy reading all weekend & I may have joined the ‘vegan army’ by monday!!!! Oh my goodness, what have i done lol xxxxxx 🙂

    oh . . . . sparkle running skirts . . . . love it!!!!!!! R u going to get one when u sign up for ur first race??? If u can’t get one of the ones that u post on to the next person – we could buy one & post it back to each other after every race we do (because once we get started, we’ll be unstoppable!!!xx) how cool would that be, until we get to run together we could just have a little piece of each other with us for inspiration!!! love it!! xxxx

    • Jo says:

      Thats’s the Thrive version I have, you’ll love it! Yep, saw the sparkle running skirts and thought.. “Oh My. Awesomeness. Vici.” Great idea on our own traveling version. Will Natalie be jealous? 😉 I think we may just have to join the sparkle wagon…
      Am liking the rainbow racelegs too – its like retro running rainbow brite!!

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