Friday dinner and a show

Its been a bit of a whirlwind week this week! Monday we found out we have a lengthy paperwork headache to deal with.  Tuesday we were in Quito and family arrived, yay! Wednesday we found out the current Ecuador visa we have cannot be renewed. It affects us and we think about 300 others here in the country, so everyone is talking about what the options are. We are still looking into what will be the best for us, I will keep you posted!

In the mean time we are trying to be fun hosts and see all the sights! We had a great supper at La Posada Del Quinde today.

The restaurant in the hotel is called Pachamama and serves rather delicious food. I had the bean enchiladas, mum had curried chicken pot pie, Isaac went for a burger and Adrian tried the meat lasagna, we were all impressed!

Bean and cheese enchiladas

After choosing this place we had an awesome surprise that cheered me up…

A local band played while we sat around the fireplace after supper. They were so talented, the best I’ve seen. So nice to relax and enjoy the traditional Otavalo songs. At coffee this afternoon in Cotacachi, a neighboring town famous for its leather goods, we also caught a really talented performer singing traditional songs. Another thing to love here!

You may have noticed a bit of blog silence on running. A few days ago I started to have pain behind my right knee and the feeling something is moving around a bit. After consulting Dr. Google it seems to be Runner’s Knee (Does that mean I’m a real runner?;) ). The cure seems to be soft running surfaces, proper shoes, rest for it to heal, icing, and support braces. I have taken it easy the past week and am working on incorporating all the other points so I can get back to it properly. The other point: strength training. This keeps popping up and I know I should be working on it… so… goal… once our guests have headed home it will happen. Check up on me!

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