Time for an update

I guess its time. Here we are again in Manitoba. I know, it’s a bit hard to keep track for me too!

We are back in Canada for a while again. We loved living in Ecuador but have hit a number of visa snaggles (Is that even a word? It just seemed to make the situation sound friendlier…) and had to head home. Things all happened rather quickly and so didn’t leave much time to write all about it. We wanted to savour our last days in the mountains with our friends and home we’d built there. Anyone thinking about traveling to Ecuador, go for it! Such a gorgeous place with lovely people. I’ll be back there. Don’t know when yet, but I’ll be back.

So back in Canada. I’ve already stirred up the old running crew from last year and we’ve had a couple of new people already so we’re off to a good start. There will be races in the future I’m sure. So nice to run with a fun group, time just flies by. Not used to running in minus 5 though! Must get some warmer running gear this week!

Am also busy sorting out work, hopefully that will come together shortly. We are enjoying seeing all our family and friends. Still on the list – sushi. Must have sushi.

So that’s the brief latest. Not sure what’s up next for us! You never know…

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Homemade (Vegan) Dark Chocolate


We’ve had a few cloudy days around here. Not a huge fan of cloudy days. Never mind not being able to run for 3 days and I’m going a bit crazy!

What else is there to do though but eat chocolate on a gloomy day ? The only chocolate in the house was cheap white chocolate wannabe M and M’s, with lots of icky colors and stuff added… not going to cut it today.


I had made this recipe before, which inspired me to make my own version, reducing the oil.

Homemade (Vegan) Dark Chocolate

3 Tablespoons Coconut oil

6 Tablespoons cocoa

1 Tablespoon agave (Honey works really well too for non-vegan)

few drops vanilla

Microwave the coconut oil 20- 40 seconds, checking every 10 seconds, just till soft. (Don’t use other types of oil unless you want liquid chocolate – coconut is solid at room temperature.)

Stir in cocoa, agave and vanilla.

Pour onto a small plate covered with plastic wrap. (Ensure your mix is not hot – don’t want melted plastic in there!)

photo (6)

Allow to set in the fridge, about 20 minutes, then break into pieces and try not to eat it all!

I’m imagining toasted almonds in there next time, or dried blueberries… yum!

photo (7)


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Easy Peasy Peanutty Pasta

There haven’t been too many recipes around here lately, will have to work on that. I have a few I’m tweaking and will share soon!

Here’s a really simple pasta idea though that even the husband might love…

peanutty pasta You’ll need:

  • Fettuccine noodles
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots, sliced
  • Peanut butter
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Soy sauce
  • Red pepper flakes

Boil the noodles, adding in the broccoli and carrots (ah, easy). For the non veggie people, grill chicken strips. For the vegetarians, stir fry whatever veggies you have. I used onions, garlic, peppers, and zucchini.

For 4 pasta servings, mix together 4 T peanut butter, 10 T soy sauce, 6 T of apple cider vinegar. Add 1/2 t red pepper flakes.

                            photo (5)    photo (4)

When pasta is ready, drain, add in stir fried veggies or chicken and sauce. Sprinkle with peanuts if someone didn’t already raid the cupboards and eat them all… ahem.

I’m making an effort to make sure I get in some carbs before long run days, which didn’t quite happen for me today…


On Saturday’s run I did a few speedy (for me) miles, which sadly involved a lot of curb and giant puddle jumping, leaving me with a knee that needs some rest. So today I only got in 4.5 miles before deciding I’d go easy on my knee, especially since I have longer until any (hopeful) races than my plan suggests. So, trying the knee brace just in case, and as always deciding I need to work on strength. Gah!

Yes, I’ve said it before. I was loving 30 Day Shred, but this month got a whole lot busier and so I let it slip. But today it’s on and I’m remembering why I like it so much.  I am noticing a slip in strength since last month though when I was more regular with it. Nothing a little more commitment won’t fix!

In other news…

Exciting news… my mum will be coming to visit again soon, yay! Will see how much running gear I can get slipped into her suitcase… And possibly… drumroll… my bike! Dad so graciously brought Isaac’s down (along with a wedding dress for a friend and all his motorcycle gear for Peru – I was so hoping he’d ride out of customs with a full helmet and wedding dress on… getting off topic) which will be great for cross training.

I’m also thinking of a virtual half-marathon coming up,  Detroit Runner has one planned. It’s free to enter, you can pick your distance, and has prizes, anyone in with me? A race is a great way to increase your motivation… especially for those in those wintery places. Brrr.

Anyone got races planned or want to join the virtual one?

How are you staying warm and motivated?

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